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New Location Project

Purchase, Renovate and Build 

Historic Brookshire on Route 66

The Plan 

Restore the neon sign and turn the Cottage/Office building into a gift shop for Route 66 travelers.  Rooms 7 & 8 behind the cottage are to be a small coffee/sandwich shop to complement the retail space. Rooms 9, 10, 11, & 12 will be replaced with a two-story building that would provide ministers in training and/or interns residence quarters with garage spaces to be used for a farmer's market. The field to the west (marked Former House Location) will be a community garden to help supply said Farmer's Market. Rooms 21 thru 26 are to be the front of a larger building, which will house office/classroom/kitchen space for programming.   A large dining area will be added to the west of the larger building, which will provide an adequate buffer as to not take away from the potential retail possibilities of the front cottage.


 $300,000 Property Acquistion

$200,000 New Construction

$150,000 Renovations

$100,000 Interior Design, furnishings and appliances

Total $750,000